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My Story

First I would like to officially introduce myself, My name is Erica. I have 3 biological children, 3 adopted children and numerous children I have been a Mom too!

I grew up in a home with parents who separated when I was young. I then had step parents who I definitely did not see eye to eye with! I was then labeled "the problem Child". I was in a foster home, ran away from home,  lived on the streets & eventually became a teen pregnancy statistic.​

That teenage pregnancy saved my life! I knew I needed to do better, I knew I wanted to give this child my all. That is when I graduated from high school (before most kids my age), got my first home, got my drivers license and completely turned my life around.

I then decided to go to school to get into the medical field. After spending so much time in the hospital with my children, I figured that this was my calling.  Once I finished my education and worked in the field, I very quickly discovered that it wasn't so much medicine that interested me, but that the brain and different cognitive disease and illnesses were my true passion.

I soon got the opportunity to work for and train privately through a local family. Quickly, different organizations heard about me and gained interest in my training. This assisted me in furthering my education in Brain development, Cognitive Illnesses & the benefits of early intervention. Most people get into either one of these industries, but rarely does someone get into both. I worked in this field for 8 years with pediatrics.

As a family we moved to a new town and with this came new opportunities!  I began working with youth & adolescence in the Mental Health sector. I gained great knowledge in Trauma, Trauma responses, Mental Health, Behaviors, Addictions and how they are all connected. I ran youth groups with children of all ages and continued to work with clients who had cognitive disabilities. 

 I then decided to work with MCFD and take in teenage foster children, the ones that have been through a lot. I wanted to let them know that there is hope, that someone really cared. I could show them that there is another side to life, a better life and be their reason to keep going.

This brought my family over 11 different teenagers. Some of these "society" had given up on, so those ones we adopted! We showed each and everyone of those kids what love is, let them know that they will always have someone in their corner and once they came into our house, they had a family for life. 

Being home allowed me to give my full attention to all children and allowed me to start studying more holistic approaches to health. I started to take courses in the evenings and educating myself in many different holistic remedies. This greatly improved my children's health and got the attention of many Western medical practitioners.

I then opened a Holistic Healing Centre where I would offer all of my services and so much more. This centre was greatly needed and grew way faster then I could ever have expected. This was fantastic from a business standpoint, but personally it took me away from my passion which is directly working, one on one, with others to help them find that Balanced Bliss. The Holisitic Healing Centre was sold.

That brings me here today, doing what I am extremely passionate about. Helping others weave through this world that we live in today, bringing education, guidance and compassion. Throughout my long career in the Mental Health Sector, working in healthcare & in alternative health (along with my personal life) there was one thing I had come across and that was Grief and Loss. I have a deep understanding and knowledge in Grief, Loss and everything that comes with it. I am now offering & expanding these services to everyone alike.  


​ Every single person has their story.

(Thank you for reading mine)!

I Am Here To Help Find Your Balanced Bliss Throughout The Chaos!

I started out in healthcare many years ago when I realized I had a passion for the Brain and human Behaviors. That is when I decided to start studying more in Brain Development and Cognitive Functions. I soon realized that there was so much more to be learned.  Throughout the years I have greatly expanded my education and knowledge on how different life experiences create different patterns. Experiences change the way we view the world around us. I have a deep passion and understanding of how we can bring Balance and Bliss back into our lives through all the chaos.
I have extensive knowledge & training in Mental Health, Grief & Loss, Palliative Care, Trauma, Addictions,  Chronic Illnesses, Cognitive Illness, Developmentally Delayed, Autism, FAS & so much more.
I have worked in all areas with Pediatrics to Geriatrics. I have worked with many organizations, private clinics as well as privately with individual families. I have had the privilege of working with Toddlers, Adolescents, Adults & Seniors with Complex Conditions.
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