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All Services are offered Online or by Phone

(In-Person meetings available in Creston BC & Surrounding Areas)

  • 30 min
  • Compassionate care and support for the journey's end

    1 hr
  • Helping you navigate the journey of grief and loss, one step at a time...

    1 hr
  • Finding hope and healing together in a community of understanding

    1 hr
  • Learn new coping skills, heal old wounds & gain control over painful e...

    1 hr
  • Commonly used to treat anxiety & depression, but can be useful for oth...

    1 hr
  • My parent coaching sessions are completely customizable to your needs ...

    1 hr
  • Behavioural Intervention is a type of Behaviour Modification Therapy

    1 hr

Book an Appointment

All Consultations are FREE.

If your not sure what service suites your needs, I will be happy to assist!

I Believe that everyone deserves the right to Mental Health Services so if your having difficulty with the price, please reach out!

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